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offers regularly scheduled, small-group guided walking and hiking tours in New Zealand. We are also more than happy to do private tours. You can either join other like-minded Kiwis for a fun, active, carefree holiday or let us put together a personalized tour for you and your family or friends. Our tours are for Kiwis who love to get out into New Zealand’s glorious outdoors on foot without roughing it. Other operators offer some great itineraries as well, but most nights you have to share a WC and shower, and queuing for the dunny every morning gets old fast. That's why there are no shared rooms or bathroom facilities on our tours.

Accommodations: We have decided to cater to Kiwis who want to enjoy a great day of hiking and then have some comfort and privacy at the end of the day. Therefore, we stay in four-star properties on all our tours. Everyone has their own private rooms and wc/shower. We have gone to great lengths to find the best, most comfortable accommodations in the areas where we hike. It is true that we have decided to not hike in some beautiful areas because we simply cannot find the level of accommodation that we insist upon. Happily, there are lots of fantastic places to explore in New Zealand, and we have been able to find comfortable accommodations for all of our itineraries. We checked out a lot of properties before deciding on the hotels and the itineraries to offer you!

Food and Wine: It isn’t rocket science. Great food and wine are essential to the success of any tour. Therefore, we make sure that you have no complaints. Happily, in New Zealand we have superb ingredients, and Kiwi wines are amongst the best in the world, so we are able to provide you with excellent food and wine throughout the tour. Of course, we are not always able to offer up super sophisticated fare, but it is always healthy, tasty, and the best meal around. When we are in places that offer a choice, we always take you to the BEST restaurant for the food, and also for ambiance. Again, we have taken great care so we can enjoy meals together in restaurants where the food excellent and we don’t have to shout over the din of other diners. Success is in the details.

The Walks and Hikes: Our walks and hikes through the countryside are usually between 3 to 5 hours a day (8 to 16 kms). The idea is to give you a great walk that is peppered with “Wow” moments as you take in the splendid natural beauty of the place. We want you to be happily tired by the end of the walk, but not exhausted. Your luggage is moved by van and we use our 4wd van to get you to and from the trailhead. We have both easy and moderate-to-difficult options for all of our tours. Our activity levels are explained HERE.

The Van: We have a 4wd Mitsubishi Delica 8-person van. We insisted on the 4X4 van to allow us to get you in and out of places that a normal van could not access. This means we get you into more remote areas, as well as up and down steep roads and tracks only accessible by 4wd vehicles. This allows us to get you immediately onto high tracks for the absolutely most stunning views. We can also get you back down without having you endure knee-busting descents.

The Guides: Your guide is central to and vital to the success of the tour. The guide makes or breaks a tour and, therefore, they are all personally vetted by the owner of Hike NZ. They have to be exceptional people who you will want to come back and tour with again. They drive you (all guide/drivers have the requisite passenger licenses), guide you on the hikes, and also join you for meals to ensure everything goes smoothly. The experience is intense, and also extremely fun and rewarding – for all parties. Our guides are knowledgeable, smart, witty, charming, and entertaining. They have to be able to tell a good yarn, have a good laugh, and keep a tired bunch of hikers happy both on the trail and at the dinner table. Finally, and most importantly, they are there to look after your wellbeing and keep you safe. See the profiles of our guides HERE.

Custom Tours: Through Hike NZ's sister brand Customwalks, we have been designing customized trips for private groups for 25 years. Take advantage of our expertise. See Custom Tours HERE

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Customer support

Contact us by email. All inquiries.

(+64) 021 0711972
General information and sales, New Zealand. Contact us by calling or leaving a message on Whatsapp. 

(+39) 348 564 0934
Italian Branch Office. Contact us by calling or leaving a message on:

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