Our Ethos

1. To CREATE Incredible, often Edible, Travel Experiences

Over the course of 30 years of running tours we have done everything from super high-end private luxury tours to a season of providing cheap and nasty tours for a large and very successful budget travel company. In the course of those early experiences I learned two things. One: I like to keep it real. I don't want to deal with people who are going to get bent out of shape because their towels are not fluffy enough and they want Bulgari toiletries in their room. Two: I also don’t want to do budget travel, because that is not how I like to travel, because the need to cut corners everywhere all the time means that you miss out on so much.

So, we have gone for the upper middle segment, which keeps everyone happy and comfortable, and gives us enough of a budget to create interesting and sensorially rewarding travel experiences. That is how I like to travel. Great hikes during the day with at least a couple of "WOW" moments and then a nice (sometimes REALLY nice) place to stay followed by an excellent dinner in jovial company. There you have it. We are in the business of creating experiences, and memories. We love the great outdoors, but also the pleasures of great food and wine. We combine the two to create for you “Incredible, often Edible, Travel Experiences.”

2. Do the Right Thing

Secondly, but importantly, and at the risk of sounding boringly earnest, we have a very simple Mantra/Ethos at the core of our business which is “Do the Right Thing”. It underpins everything that we do. It might sound a little commonplace but it is actually very helpful and gives us direction, especially when it comes to customer service.


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